Tauihu Shorts Long List

Tauihu Shorts Long List

Poata Eruera, Brad Haami and Tui Ruwhiu of Tauihu Shorts would like to thank and acknowledge each of the 88 teams who applied to us in the 2010 Round of Premiere Shorts. Congratulations to the 12 projects we have long listed to meet with us and discuss their projects in more detail:

‘Night Shift’
W/D: Zia Mandviwalla
P: Curious Film

D: Angela Bloomfield
W: Kate McDermott
P: Carmen Leonard

‘Marry Me’
W/D: Michael Beren’
P: Donna Pearman

W/D: Miles Murphy
P: Tanya Haifoua-Cathro

‘The Jubjub Bird’
D: Dylan Pharazyn
W: Paul Stanley Ward
P: Claire Kelly

D: Rachel House
W: Kath Akuhata-Brown
P: Desray Armstrong

D: Maria-Elena Doyle
W: Nick Ward
P: Donna Pearman and Angela de Silva

D: Gary John
W: Stuart Broughton
P: Alex Cole Baker

D: Colin Hodson
W: Wendell Cooke and Paul Babbage
P: Natalie Crane

W/D: Karyn Childs
P: Leela Menon

‘Lard Boy’
W/D: Miki Magasiva
P: Sarah Cook

‘Back Country’
W/D: Michael Humphrey