Tauihu Shorts Greenlights Two Films for 2010/2011 Premiere Shorts

Tauihu Shorts Greenlights Two Films for 2010/2011 Premiere Shorts

Tena koutou e nga rangatira,

Tauihu Shorts takes great pleasure in announcing the two projects it will greenlight for Premiere Shorts funding for 2010/2011:

D: Maria Elena Doyle, W: Nick Ward, P: Donna Pearman & Angela da Silva

D: Dylan Pharazyn, W: Paul Stanley Ward, P: Claire Kelly

We acknowledge the efforts of all seven teams on our shortlist for the hard work they put into their final submissions. While the decision was difficult, the two selected projects stood out.

First and foremost, the films we have chosen have unique premises and finely crafted scripts, which were further honed as the final deadline approached.

Second, as an auteur POD with a director focus, we were impressed with the directors’ visions for their films—working as a tight knit team with their writers, the directors took the skeletons their writers provided and fleshed them out, making the films truly their own.

Third, each of the teams had an enthusiastic producer/s who contributed both creatively and practically as an integral member of the team.

Tauihu Shorts celebrates the passion, commitment, dedication and film making talent the INORGANIC and JUBJUB BIRD teams bring to their projects. And we are excited at the prospect of assisting these teams in any way we can as they take their films from the page to the screen.

Nga mihi nui atu, na

Poata Eruera, Bradford Haami, Tui Ruwhiu