Jubjub In Post

Jubjub In Post

Premiere Short JUBJUB, helmed by Dylan Pharazyn whose last short VOSTOK STATION was selected for Sundance in 2010, is now in post production.

JUBJUB is a period fantasy drama about young lighthouse keeper who must keep his flame burning at all costs to ensure his family’s survival. The Jubjub Bird is a colonial haunting of birds, and isolation.

Following a gruelling is day shoot in May in The Caitlins on the South Island’s wild southern coast, at Akaroa, and then a final day on location in Auckland, JUBJUB is now in the hands of film editor Peter Sciberras of the The Butchery in Melbourne Australia.

JUBJUB is written by Paul Stanley Ward, produced by Claire Kelly and lensed by Australian DOP Germain McMcking.

JUBJUB, the second of Tauihu Shorts 2010/2011 short films, is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.