RIDE Short Film In the Can (On the Card)

RIDE Short Film In the Can (On the Card)

Tauihu Shorts first film from the second lot of the New Zealand Film Commission’s Premiere Shorts, RIDE, is in the can. Starring Michael Hallows and Ngahuia Piripi and helmed by Karyn Childs, RIDE spent 6 days shooting in Miranda, Taupo and Aniwhata. RIDE will move into post following the Xmas and New Year break. Film was lensed  by Mark Lapwood, is produced by Leela Menon and will be edited by Paul Maxwell.


‘Ride’ is a contemporary adventure with themes of loss, redemption and forgiveness.

When Ryan picks up Jade, who is stranded on the roadside on her way to a funeral with the coffin, it becomes apparent these two have a shared history. A dangerous incident occurs as they take a short cut road, compelling Ryan into action not only to save a life, but to potentially resolve the past.

Tauihu Shorts

Tauihu Shorts is a New Zealand Film Commission Executive Producer POD run by Tauihu Media under the high-end Premiere Shorts programme. It is contracted to select and oversee the production of four short films from 2010 – 2012. Each short  has an allocated budget of NZ$90,000 The Tauihu Shorts executive producers are Poata Eruera, Brad Haami and Tui Ruwhiu.